Tips for Selecting the Right Roofing Contractor- Payment

By ,  Thursday, October 4th, 2012

The final question you should ask when getting information from your selected roofing contractor is When do you Require Payment? It is important to choose a contractor that requires payment only after the work is complete to ensure they will in fact finish the job. In some cases, especially in times of major storms and damage, there are crews that will come knocking on your door to bid on your roofing needs, require full or partial payment up front, only to never be seen again. Choosing a contractor like J-Conn that only requires payment due upon completion of the work is a way to avoid this type of scam.

You now have a brief knowledge of what sets a professional, experienced, well established roofing contractor apart from others. By educating the consumer we here at J-Conn hope to help prevent more homeowners like yourself from being ripped off or scammed. If you have any questions, would like additional information on selecting the right roofing contractor, or have roof work that you are ready to have done, please contact J-Conn Roofing & Repair Service at 512-479-0510.

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