5 Things to Do for Your Roof This Spring

By ,  Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Spring is here, and warmer temperatures have begun. Most folks can’t wait to get outside and get rid of “cabin fever” — but don’t forget about your cabin! The precipitation and low temperatures of winter and the weather fluctuations of late winter and early spring can put stress on your roof, particularly if it’s an older roof. Spring is a time to pay attention to your roof and inspect it for signs of damage or needed maintenance, and to prepare it for heavy spring rains and the harsh Texas summer to come.

  1. Have gutters cleaned and ensure proper drainage. Rain water can back up to roof level in gutters that are filled with debris or have blocked downspouts — seeping into your house and causing water damage.
  2. Look for signs of shingle degradation. When you clean your gutters, look for large amounts of shingle granules in the debris. The granules on shingles provide protection from ultraviolet radiation; excessive loss of granules reduces your roof’s ability to protect against UV, enabling further deterioration and shortening the useful life of the shingles.
  3. Check shingle quality. After rough winter weather, some shingles may be loose, curling, blistering, or broken. Damaged shingles compromise the integrity of your roof and may allow water to enter; they also increase the likelihood of adjoining shingles becoming compromised or damaged.
  4. Check roof sections around chimneys and vents and in the valleys on contoured roofs. Flashing and shingles around these areas are particularly susceptible to damage and can be easy points of entry for water.
  5. Look for interior signs of water damage. Water leaks or stains in the ceiling or along walls are signs that your roof is already compromised. Mold in your attic or along the roof supports are also indicators of water intrusion.

We do not encourage you to get up on your roof and strongly recommend calling a professional to conduct the inspection for you. Call the Austin area’s local roofing professionals, J-Conn Roofing & Repair Service. We can perform every level of maintenance and repair that your roof needs — from repairing leaks, large or small, to entire roof replacements. Our team of professionals is fully insured and bonded, and we can even help you with insurance claims. When you “spring ahead” this year, remember J-Conn for your annual roof maintenance needs — and be sure to check our monthly specials! Call us today at 512-479-0510 for a quote or appointment or contact us online.

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